And how not to be one

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Meet Bob

Bob is an extremely ambitious and overachieving developer.

He works hard, refines his coding skills on a daily basis, and always finishes a project on or ahead of time — eager to get started on his next project. You can look at his code and immediately intuit that he’s a master at designing and architecting beautifully written code. He loves everything his job has to offer and because of that, he shows up every single day with an energy that allows him to pound out value like a machine. He feels on top of the world.

Bob is the quintessential…

Set goals, manage your time, learn quickly, and apply immediately

path through field of golden grass with green trees in background, all under blue sky with puffy white clouds
path through field of golden grass with green trees in background, all under blue sky with puffy white clouds
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I came into the Salesforce development industry knowing nothing, absolutely nothing, about Salesforce: how it was used in business nor how to even develop on it. I was as clueless as a newborn baby seeing the light for the first time — I suppose most of you understand this feeling when tackling a new programming language or framework.

That being said, I was very uncomfortable starting and was afraid that I wouldn’t fare well in this uncharted territory of cloud development.

Boy, was I wrong.

Come my first week of training and I fell in love with this technology almost…

You limit yourself more than you realize

Man wearing luminescent goggles
Man wearing luminescent goggles
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What You Can Learn From Kindergarteners

In a 2006 Ted Talk, Peter Skillman introduced a very interesting design challenge known as The Marshmallow Design Challenge.

The experiment itself is very simple. You take a large group of people and divide them into teams of five. The goal of each team is to build the tallest free-standing structure possible out of 20 sticks of spaghetti, one yard of tape, one yard of string, and a single marshmallow that is gingerly placed on top. Each team has 18 minutes to build their tower and the tallest structure wins.

Technology pioneer and Autodesk fellow Tom Wujec saw great value…

Don’t think a good habit alone will change your life.

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We spend so much time focusing on building good habits for ourselves. We live and die by our routines. We look at the good habits of some of the most successful people in the world and try to emulate their routines.

Therefore, once you finally build that good habit, be it meditation, reading, working out, or writing, for instance, you become proud of yourself and your new identity. You give yourself a big fat slap on the back for incorporating such good practices into your lifestyle.

As such habits become ingrained and familiar in your routine, you might feel that…

The philosophy and life principles weaved beneath the blanket of development and technology

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“Science is more than a body of knowledge. It is a way of thinking; a way of skeptically interrogating the universe with a fine understanding of human fallibility.” — Carl Sagan

One of the biggest mistakes I see amongst developers is the adoption of a perspective that makes development seem nothing more than a technical tool. It’s about time that we look beyond that.

Development, diluted to its simplest concept, is a means of thinking and innovating in a way to generate value out of nothing. We often don’t think of development as relational to other fields. We don’t imagine…

Zero resources. Unlimited Value Creation. Found anywhere, anytime

Person thinking
Person thinking
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I don’t love programming.

I don’t always enjoy the fruits of my work.

I am not passionate about coding, architecting, leading, or the process of development, but this doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the craft and find immense interest in it. I just don’t love it.

Perhaps you might think that such an attitude would mitigate me from doing great work. That I’d be better off in a different field that would be more aligned with my interests. Something that’d excite every bone in my body.

Quite the contrary. True, I don’t love the practice of programming, but I do…

When nothing is in your control, what is it that makes life matter?

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The majority of what happens to us, the decisions we make, and the events we experience are beyond the grasp of control.

We can’t control our health. We can only influence it to better our chances.

We can’t control the outcome of a decision. We only have the power to make a decision and react appropriately to its unknown outcome.

We can’t control what we think or feel. Our environment and genetic makeup influence our behavior. Our thoughts are processed seconds in our brain before they even actualize in our minds and into action. …

It all comes down to the doors you close

Drawing of closing the door to your brain.
Drawing of closing the door to your brain.
Image by 愚木混株 Cdd20 from Pixabay.

Focus is an all-too-rare commodity that many programmers yearn to develop more of. A flow state is the suspended state of mind that many of us want but find very difficult to cultivate. It’s in this liminal space that we find ourselves lost in a void of focus — as if all the knowledge in the world is channeled into our fingertips as they glide effortlessly across the keyboard.

With focus, architecting becomes easy. Coding becomes easy. Debugging becomes easy. Innovating becomes easy. Every problem, at that moment, seems easily resolvable.

Yet, as I said before, such a state is…

Books don’t change your life, ideas do.

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Books, more often than not, won’t change your life. If they do, it’s only marginally. After all, many of us share in the feeling of forgetfulness only after finishing a book. We hardly remember more than the main idea a week later.

If you really want a book to change your life, you’d probably have to read it over and over again. Really study the material and practice what the book preaches.

But let’s be honest. We seek novelty. Rereading an entire book seems…wasteful. Perhaps it makes you feel as if you’d be missing out on some valuable information in…

A purposeful life relies heavily on perspective, not on a concrete definition.

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One of the greatest troubles of mankind is that of finding meaning. Your meaning is what fuels you. It’s the kinder that ignites the enthusiasm to do great work, live fully, and exist happily.

Yet, many of us walk around aimlessly. Lost. Looking for more out of life. Asking ourselves what’s the purpose of this absurdity?

We wake up every morning to go to jobs we hate. We get lost in boring routines that stagnate us. We lose ourselves in mental loops catalyzed by questions on when it’ll all be better.

Perhaps, it isn’t circumstance that ruins your mood. Maybe…

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